DAP 19-Inch Flight Cases

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This is a professional combi case for mounting 19-inch equipment. Delivery includes a wheel rack and all the screws needed to neatly integrate your valuable devices.

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This combo flight case offers ample space. Compressors, mic preamps, amps, a rack mixer - it all fits! Durable handles and wheels, what more could you want?!
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Obviously, you want to protect your gear as well as possible. This 19-inch 4U case is all-weather-proof for the heaviest circumstances!

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Lightweight DAP flightcase. 2U high and made of synthetic material.

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With this durable flightcase, your peripherals are well protected. It is specifically designed for your peripherals to save weight and space. The case can take a hit and protects your devices.

Delivered quickly within 4 business days
4 business days

To transport your expensive gear in a safe manner, you are advised to install it in a flightcase. This flightcase will do the job perfectly!

Delivered in 19 weeks.
19 weeks
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