Konig & Meyer 48329 29U studio rack

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Konig & Meyer 48329 29U studio rack Product no.: S-48329black


When you're creating a fixed installation with lots of 19-inch equipment, then this is the perfect rack to keep it in. It offers no fewer than 29U of room for you to fill up with equipment, whether you use it at home, as a server rack, in a studio or at a school or theatre, for instance. The bottom features a spacious cable hole and the top has a plate for stability and as a support for a screen or mixer, for instance.

The sides, front and back are open but can naturally be fitted with doors or panels for a sleek whole. Another advantage of the rack is the double profile, which enables it to hold heavy computers and amplifiers without overloading the front rail. The rack is made of steel and sports a black powder coated finish that is scratch resistant and gives the whole a neat look.

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Warranty period
This product comes with a 5-year warranty.

Product features

  • Weight (incl. packaging) 20.9 kg
  • Vertical rack units 29 U
  • Horizontal rack units not applicable
  • Wood type / finish not applicable
  • Colour black
  • Type of studio furniture rack stand

Product specifications

  • rugged studio rack
  • 29U of rack space
  • rack rail on the front and rear
  • perfect for studios, at home or as a server rack
  • pre-fitted with a top and a bottom
  • made of black powder-coated steel
  • hole in the bottom for cables
  • side panels and front and rear doors are optional for a dust-proof whole
  • dimensions: 553 x 540 x 1,046 mm
  • weight: 20.9 kg


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