Konig & Meyer 48337 19-inch studio rack 37 U

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Konig & Meyer 48337 19-inch studio rack 37 U Product no.: PB-KM4833700055 Warranty period: This product comes with a 5-year warranty.


This rack by K&M is the perfect item for any studio. Whether you use it to house several servers, other computer-related equipment or a full, fixed sound setup, its height allows for many units to be built in.

It offers no less than 37 U of room. Amplifiers, equalizers, crossovers, compressors, mixers, music players, computers, servers, patch racks, routers, switches, studio-related equipment, you name it, it'll fit this rack.

There are rack rails on both the front and the back, which means you can fit equipment on both sides or have a panel on the back to keep the cables in the rack and keep out the dust to extend the life span of your gear. Moreover, you can fit fan panels for amplifiers and other heat-producing equipment - there are already ventilation strips on the top and the bottom.

Also, if you have a floor-mounted power socket, you can place this rack on top. There'll be no more mucking about with cables and cable spools!

Optional side, front and back panels are available, as well as doors, Plexiglass doors and wheels to have your rack just the way you like it.


Product features

  • Horizontal rack units not applicable
  • Number of vertical rack units >32 U
  • Wood type / finish not applicable
  • Colour black
  • Type of studio furniture rack stand

Weight and dimensions including packaging

  • Weight (incl. packaging) 21.6 kg

Product specifications

  • 19-inch rack for fixed installation
  • perfect for studios, ICT pubs, restaurants, karaoke bars, etc.
  • 37 U of room
  • rack rails on the front and the back
  • optional accessories like side panels and doors available
  • bottom has a hole for power cables
  • ventilation strips to let out warm air
  • made of strong steel
  • with a black powder coating
  • adjustable feet, can be replaced by casters
  • width: 553 mm
  • depth: 540 mm
  • height: 1,756 mm
  • weight: 21.6 kg


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