230V 19-inch Switch Panels

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In theory this controller is no more than a collection of switches and 230V connectors, and actually that is what makes it so handy – it is very simple!
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The Innox Power Switch is the perfect, hassle-free way to switch 230-volt groups on or off in your fixed and mobile installations.
Delivered in 5 weeks.
5 weeks

DJSwitch 10F 10Way Switch panel Flash Output 10x Schuko - a practical device for when you want to quickly turn DJ light effects on or off.

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The Showtec DJ Switch 6 is a popular switch panel for switching analogue light effects on or off. With a clearly defined design, everybody will instantly know what to do.
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Switch panel with eight channels for switching light effects or other lighting on/off. Easy to connect and operate.

Available in 11 business days.
11 business days
Eurolite's 6-channel switch Schuko features 6 switches on the front and 6 Schuko connectors with protective cover on the back.
Delivered in 6 weeks.
6 weeks

This Eurolite switch panel has ten on/off switches and ten flash buttons with lighting. The channels each have a 5-amp circuit breaker. The panel has a maximum total power capacity of 16 amps and is fully cabled.

Delivered in 5 weeks.
5 weeks

The DJ Switch 8 is an 8-way switch panel with 8 IEC60320 C14 connectors, that allow you to retain control over your peripherals. Maximum total power: 15A (maximum 10A per channel).

Available in 6 business days.
6 business days
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