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Hire a Musical Instrument

Musical instruments, studio gear, PA gear, DJ gear ... you can hire any of it here at Bax Music! From just £20 a month you can wrap your hands around one or more products and, if you happen to fall in love with one of them, you can have it for life by buying it at a discount.



Why Hire Gear at Bax Music?

The hire price is fixed per month

Available products will be sent to you just a couple of days later and delivered to your door

The agreement can be cancelled each month after the first four months

After the first four month's hire, you can buy the product at a discounted price

Fast and free replacement by Bax Music in the case of any defect


How does it work?

What does it cost?




How is it calculated?

Which products?

Each product must be priced between £300 and £1,000 to be applicable

Multiple products can be hired as long as the combined total is between £300 and £1,000

For example, a guitar, bag and stand cost a total of £420

How much does it cost per month?

The product price divided by 15

The minimal hire period is 4 months + the days remaining in the month when the hire agreement starts*

£420 divided by 15
= £28 per month


The product price divided by 3

The deposit is paid just once and is refunded when the product is returned in good condition

£420 divided by 3
= £140 (one-off payment)

First payment?

Hire cost of the first full month
Hire cost of the days remaining in the month when the hire agreement starts

After the first payment, the normal, fixed hire amount is charged per month**

£140 (one-off payment of deposit)
£28 (first full month of hire)
Hire cost of the days remaining in the month when the hire agreement starts ***

From here onwards, the hire cost of £28 is paid only

*For example: if the hire agreement were to start on the 21st of April, then the minimum hire period of 4 months would span May, June, July, August and the ten days between the 21st and 30th of April.

**According to our example, the normal fixed hire price would be charged from June onwards

***For example: if there are ten days left in April when the hire agreement starts, then that period must be paid for. So, (£28/30 days) x 10 days = £10 (the total is rounded up).


Request your hire agreement!

Complete the form below to submit your hire agreement request. Have a few questions? You should be able to find the answer in our frequently asked, hire-related questions and if not, simply include your question in the form.


See the terms and conditions of hire

See the frequently asked hire-related questions

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