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RME's HDSPe AIO is the PCI express edition of the RME HDSP 9632. This audio interface offers a 196kHz/24-bit sample rate and AD/DA converters with a signal/noise ratio of 112 dB.
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If your computer has a free PCIe slot, you can make studio-quality recordings in 24-bit audio resolution and 96 kHz sample rate with the Maya44 eX internal audio interface by ESI.
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RME's HDSPe RayDAT is a 24-bit PCi express audio interface with no fewer than 72 channels and a 192kHz sample rate. It's ideal for studios and producers who are in need of proper AD/DA conversion with low latency.
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The HDSP 9652 by RME is an audio interface with three ADAT optical inputs and outputs, ADAT sync, and SPDIF. This PCI interface offers superior sound quality, which is why it's preferred by most studio producers.
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