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The Hartke HyDrive Series models offer everything you want out of your bass speaker cab: great sound, timeless looks and an extremely lightweight build. This here HL115 packs 500 Watts of power, making it beefy enough for gigs and rehearsals.
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Decked out with a 15-inch White Line speaker and weighing just 14 kg, the Ashdown RM-115T-EVO II is a great option for bassists in need of a powerful and practical speaker cab.
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Trace Elliot's 1x10 Cab is a bass cabinet that is compact, lightweight and powerful. It's equipped with a 10-inch Pro Neodym speaker that can deliver 300 watts of power at 8 ohms.
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If you're looking to give your bass a more modern voice and you happen to prefer compact 4-Ohm 2x12 speaker cabs, you'll probably going to want to hear what the 900W GRBass AT212slim Autotech with Carbon Fibre housing has to say.
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The new Rumble cabinets sound more detailed than ever before and produce low frequencies excellently. The Fender Rumble 410 Cabinet is an 8-ohm, 500-watt model equipped with four Eminence speakers and a tweeter.