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This handy Hartke bass amplifier is equipped with a 10-inch speaker made of famous Hartke aluminium. It produces up to 50 W of power and is equipped with a built-in limiter.
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The Hartke HD500 is a lightweight Class-D bass guitar amplifier combo with 500 watts of power delivered through two HyDrive 10-inch speakers.
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The HD 15 is Hartke's most compact bass amp yet. Despite its light weight, it still produces a full tone with plenty of punch. The 3-band EQ and master volume give you complete control over the sound.
Available in 13 business days.
13 business days
Compact practice combo by Hartke. You'll immediately notice the Hartke speaker in this combo. The speaker produces a warm, round tone, while also supplying a tight attack.
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The Hartke HD75 bass guitar amplifier combo has a 12-inch speaker and a 7-band EQ. It won't let you down whether you are performing live on stage or practising at home.
Delivered in 3 weeks.
3 weeks
The Hartke Kickback KB12 is the new version of the acclaimed Kickback 12 bass amplifier combo. It features Hartke's patented HyDrive Speaker technology and 500 watts of power.
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