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The Pathfinder 10 Bass is the perfect practice partner for every bass player. It's compact and light enough to take everywhere!
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4 business days
The VOX VX50BA is a bass guitar amplifier combo that weighs a lot less than most other models thanks to its robust one-piece ABS chassis. It's capable of producing up to 50 watts of power and it has Nutube technology on board.
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In stock
The AC2 is the follow up to VOX's popular AC1 Rhythm VOX series bass amplifier. The new model has been improved and now has double the power as well as 81 rhythms and 5 effects built in!
Delivered in 10 weeks.
10 weeks
VOX's Adio Air BS is an innovative, compact and lightweight modelling bass guitar amplifier. It can also be used as a Bluetooth speaker as well as an external audio interface.
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10 business days
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