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If you're a bit bored of your dry and uncoloured bass sound, then a few bass guitar stompboxes might be the next logical step. Mould, warp and then throw your sound down an elevator shaft at will with our wide array of bass-focussed effect pedals.

Distortion, Modulation & More

Easily dirty-up your bass sound with a bass overdrive or distortion pedal or take things to the next level by dipping your tone in the raw and shredded output of a fuzz pedal. If you need more clarity or balance so that every note punches through the stage mix, then you might want a booster or compressor pedal. If you want to emphasise specific frequencies, gain detailed control over your sound, or play around with the tone in real-time, then you'll probably want an equalizer pedal, a filter pedal, or a classic, funk-flavoured wah pedal. Automatically add an extra octave or mess with the pitch of your bass with the help of a pitch shifter pedal. Inject psychedelic-style atmosphere into your sonic arsenal with a chorus, flanger, phaser, or any other bass modulation pedal, and to create the illusion of playing in an entirely different space, whether it's a cathedral or a cavern, throw a reverb or delay (or both) on your pedalboard. And, for true adventures-in-bass, why not try out a stompbox loaded with synth effects or a fully fledged bass synthesizer pedal?

Multiple Bass Effects in One Pedal

If you already know you'll want a full stack of bass effects, then you could just slap on your goggles and dive straight in with a bass multi-effect pedal , which can come pre-loaded with anything from two to a hundred different effects. Of course, if you've already put together a hefty collection of bass stompboxes, then you might need some pedal accessories , like patch leads, power supplies and a pedalboard. You can even get effect pedals that have been exclusively designed for electro-acoustic basses, and pedals that provide both an external bass preamp and DI box in one unit to support professional stage rigs - basically everything you need to get your effects chain started. | Hire a Bass Guitar