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Bax Music is your bass guitar specialist!

The drum kit and bass guitar normally form the backbone of a band. An electric bass guitar is the most common type and used in almost every rock band. They have a solid body to help counter feedback and produce a clean and direct sound. You can amplify the sound of a bass guitar with a bass guitar amplifier. Unlike an acoustic bass guitar, the electric bass guitar is not suitable for playing without an amp. If you're a beginner, our ready-made, budget-friendly bass guitar sets might be just the thing for you.

An acoustic bass guitar has a hollow body and produces a warm, open sound. If you want to use it in a band, we recommend choosing an electro-acoustic bass guitar. This type of bass guitar produces characteristic acoustic sounds, whether it's amplified or not. Why not take a look at our Second-hand bass guitars and Guitars too.


We also stock left-handed bass guitars, the required cables, bass guitar strings and other guitar accessories including cases, tuners, effects, guitar straps, stands and plectrums.

Hire a bass guitar

If you're not sure you want to buy a bass guitar, what about hiring one? At Bax Music, you can hire a bass guitar for less than a pound per day! If you fall in love with the bass guitar you've hired and you want to keep it after the hire period ends, you'll have the opportunity to buy it. For more information about hiring a bass guitar, take a look at the Bass guitar hire page.

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