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Bass Guitar Amplifiers

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Bass Guitar Amplifiers information

While it's awesome to play the bass, there's no point in slinging bass lines if the crowd and the rest of the band can't hear what you're doing. So, get browsing and find the ultimate amplifier for your electric bass.

Getting the Best Bass Amp at Bax Music

No matter what you need it for, you'll find the perfect amplifier for your electric bass guitar here. We've got amps from big names like Fender, Ampeg and Hartke, as well as models made by exclusive or specialised bass brands such as MarkBass, Ashdown, Gallien Krueger, Trace Elliot and Warwick.

From Compact Bass Guitar Combos to Speaker Cabinets with Amp Heads

If you want an all-in-one solution, a combo bass amplifier is your best bet since combos always feature one or more built-in speakers. Here you can pick between small, portable models and bigger bass amps. If you're a gigging bassist, we recommend opting for a separate amplifier head combined with a matching speaker cabinet instead of a combo.

Small and Manageable or a Bit Bigger

Prefer to keep the volume down? No worries, we have plenty of plucky little amplifiers that pack 100 Watts or less. If you gig a lot and rehearse in mid-sized rooms, you might want to go for a more portable, 150W to 300W amp. If you're already drawing in serious crowds and need a piece of kit to support bigger gigs, check out the amps that boast 300 Watts of power or more.

A Standard 4x10 Cabinet or a Mini Speaker Cab?

Traditionally speaking, a lot of bassists use an amp head in combination with classic picks such as a 4x10, a 1x15, or even an 8x10 speaker cabinet, where the first number refers to the number of built-in speakers while the second number indicates the diameter of the woofer in inches, so the size. We offer ample options when it comes to speaker cab configurations, so whether you need a 2x12 to blend in with the band or a small 1x8 to put in your bedroom, you've come to the right place. That also goes for any speaker cables you might need to hook your cab up to your amp head.

Frequently Asked Questions About Bass Amplifiers

How does a bass amplifier work?

Just like solid-bodied electric guitars but unlike double basses and acoustic basses, electric bass guitars don't have a hollow resonance chamber and need a bass amplifier to produce sound. You can connect a bass to a combo or bass amp head using a standard jack cable.

What's a good bass amplifier?

Beginners usually opt for a combo bass amp: an amplifier and one or more speakers in one compact housing. It's important that the amplifier matches your style and practice space in terms of size and power output. Go for something tight-and-modern, rock-focussed, nice-and-neutral, or go for the same amp your favourite bassist uses.

Which bass amplifier should I get?

If you're just starting out, stick to a 100W to 150W bass amplifier. Want to practise with a band or play small gigs? Then a 150W to 300W model should do the trick. Bass amps that pack more than 300 Watts of power will set you up with what you need to play serious shows and handle professional bass-work.

How much power capacity do I need?

The best bass amp is the one that best suits your style, needs, budget and situation. Models with a power capacity of up to 150W are perfect for playing sessions on the sofa, while smaller gigs will require a 150W to 300W amp. Bigger live performances usually require amps that pack at least 300 Watts of power.

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