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Although the strings of the electric and acoustic Bass Guitars are rather thick, they too need replacement after a while if you want to maintain their clear sound. Bass guitar strings are made of steel and wound with, for instance, nickel. Roundwound strings have a more ribbed surface than flatwounds. Roundwound strings are the most common and produce a brighter sound compared to other strings. Flatwounds, on the other hand, are more comfortable to play and due to their flat surface, they produce less squeaking sounds when your fingers slide over the strings.

A combination of the two are the halfwounds, which have the sound of roundwounds and the feel of flatwounds. Some strings have a coating giving them a longer lifespan. Finally, there is the importance of length. Regular bass guitars are described as long-scale which means that they need a matching type of string. We offer Electric Bass Strings as well as Acoustic Bass Strings. | Bax Music Aftercare Package