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We're Bax Music and, yes, we sell music gear but during these more difficult times, we'd like to be more than just a music store. Through the sheer power of music, we want to get people connected because that's exactly what we need right now: music that connects!

Let the music play ...

The Bax Music Connector is a challenge set forth by Bax Music and calls upon as many of you lovely people as possible (musician or not) to make some music.

How to accept the challenge ...
Simply post a content to Instagram showing everyone what kind of music-based stuff you're up to. For example: record a track, play a little set, hold a Q&A session, give us all a tutorial ... the options are endless and the choice is yours!

Don't forget to follow the steps included below so that we can pass on the challenge and get as many people connected as possible:

  • Close it with the line: Do you accept the Bax Music Connect challenge?

  • Nominate two people

  • Use the hashtag: #BaxMusicConnects

  • Tag: @baxmusicuk

Want to get connected?

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