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Black Friday 2018 | Mega Deals

Black Friday 2018 Early Bird subscriptionHere at Bax Music, we're offering spectacular discounts this 2018 Black Friday weekend.

When is Black Friday 2018?

Are you looking for musical presents? Then have a look in our special Black Friday category here at Bax Music between Friday 23rd and Monday 26th November, 2018.

Can I register for Black Friday 2018?

Yes, by signing up for the Black Friday 2018 Early Bird mail! Get info on the best deals first!

What are the Black Friday 2018 deals at Bax Music?

It will be chock-full of discounts on musical instruments, studio and PA equipment, DJ gear and lighting!


What is Black Friday?

Here's a little back story about the origin of Black Friday. In America, Thanksgiving is celebrated on the last Thursday of the month of November. Because most Americans take the day after Thanksgiving off, giving them an extra-long weekend, they take the opportunity to get some early Christmas shopping done. Because the shops are packed with people, this day has been given the name Black Friday. The shopping frenzy even continues after the weekend into what's now known as Cyber Monday.

Lots of shops in the States offer huge discounts on Black Friday and the days that follow it. This concept is becoming increasingly popular in Europe, even though Thanksgiving isn't celebrated. So, when you see Black Friday advertised here at Bax Music, you'll know what time it is: time to shop!