Omnilux Black Light Lamps

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Thanks to its E-14 screw base, the Omnilux G-45 is incredibly easy to use. With this standard lamp base, you can create a black light effect anywhere.
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The Omnilux UV Tube 58W G13 T8 150cm ensures a beautiful and mysterious visual effect. This TL-beam gives white and fluorescent surfaces a special glow.
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This 400W UV lamp by Omnilux provides a great light yield. Sharply priced and good for approximately 2,500 hours.
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Breathe new life into your blacklight shows with the Omnilux replacement 36-watt UV tube!
Available in 5 business days.
5 business days
With this 20-watt UV tube by Omnilux you can create a beautiful black light spectacle. The lamp is 23.6 inches long and fits a standard G-13 screw base.
Available in 6 business days.
6 business days
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