• While there’s nothing wrong with singing lines from a piece of paper or a tablet, there’s a lot to be said for singing the lyrics off the top of your head, especially since memorising the words is not as hard as you might think. It’s just a matter of knowing the right tricks and putting in the hours.

  • Pop music would be unthinkable without vocals coating in at least some effects. In fact, pretty much any recorded music – vocals included – will come packed with effects these days. If you’re a vocalist and want your voice to sound more up-to-date and want to be able to really slice through the sound of the rest of the band, then vocal effects are a must. In this blog, we take a look at the mass of options available to the modern vocalist – from the common compressor, equaliser and reverb to special effects like tremolos, distortions and harmonizers. Try something new and give your live and recorded vocals some proper impact.

  • Scientists are discovering more and more about how the human brain works, and if you’re a musician that ever-increasing knowledge can be put to good use. Using vocalists for our little case study, in this blog, we’ll focus on ways musicians can use the power of repetition to reach the next level in their development.

  • While there’s plenty to learn when it comes to singing alone there’s just as much to learn when you start adding more voices to create harmonies. With just one extra voice, you can already sing awesome harmonies, so just imagine what happens when you start adding even more!

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