• In the music industry, it can be pretty difficult to get things done. With a long schedule of items to accomplish, productivity and a strong work ethic can often be extremely hard to obtain. In his work as a marketing manager for Moon Jelly Agency for multiple artists it’s Guest blogger Jeroen‘s duty to make sure all the requests of labels, events and the media are taken care of by the artists without them getting overwhelmed by the amount of tasks. A strong work ethic and an efficient workflow are key. So, in this article, we’re going to discuss how to improve your work ethic so that you can achieve your ambitions.

  • Music production is a long and tedious process. Writing a song can take anywhere between two weeks to two months. But while artists aren’t releasing music, keeping fans’ interest engaged can sometimes be difficult. However, as a music producer, your music isn’t the only content you can offer your fans. With the ability to create mashups, mixes and various other forms of media, it’s important that you use all your resources to give fans incentive to persistently keep up with all things, you.

  • Ghost production is something that is often frowned upon within the general EDM community. But with artists in other genres considering it to be a routine part of the music business, Guest Blogger Jeroen Hillebrand from Moon Jelly Agency decided to take a look at how being a ghost producer can benefit your career in order to raise funds to achieve your ambitions. At the end of this article, the aim is to remove part of the stigma surrounding ghost production and to teach you methods of making money from it. And for those of you who are unaware, ghost production is essentially an agreement in which somebody pays a producer to create a track, and release under their own name. Typically, it’s done in the form of a flat fee.

  • More and more people within the music industry are looking to turn their current endeavors into a full-time job. Whether it’s music production for vocalists, music licensing to TV and radio, or even live touring around the world, there are hundreds of ways that artists can make a full-time income from their career.

  • Everyone has their own habits, but not many realize these habits have have a huge impact on your career. Today, Guest Blogger Jeroen Hillebrand from Moon Jelly Agency will go over 5 key-habits to help boost your music career.

  • Without a doubt, Twitch is one of the biggest and hottest social media platforms in the world right now. In case you missed it, Twitch is a live streaming video platform which is used by over 140 million people every month. In comparison to other platforms that provide a streaming function, like YouTube, Twitch is far more popular due to the great working member-system, the advanced options they provide for streaming and their payout system.

  • There’s a never-ending debate of mixing live vs pre-recorded sets. Some will claim that a DJ should be able to just “feel the vibe of the audience” and act upon it, while for others, a great mix comes from preparation and organization. Of course there is a difference when you play for a crowd or when you make a mix for a radio show, podcast, or demo. Guest Blogger Jeroen of Moon Jelly Agency asked DJs within the agency’s network how to prepare for making a DJ mix and created a list with 7 tips to help you prepare your DJ set.

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