• Strumming is something that every ukulele player is familiar with. Whether it’s the calypso strum, the split stroke or just a simple down-up-down-up, what could be more enjoyable than strumming away on your ukulele and singing a song? But, as our guest blogger Matthew Quilliam explores, many people neglect to consider the fact that how they strum can change depending on what finger (or something else) they are using…

  • Though it is often referred to as the guitar’s baby cousin, the ukulele has many differences that make it a singular and special instrument. From its unique history and tone to the way it has penetrated popular culture, guest blogger Matthew Quilliam discusses how the ukulele can so easily stand on its own merits…

  • Ukulele posture is not something that a player can master instantly. Most players will have to slowly work on their posture over many months and years to ensure that they can play the most effectively and healthily, and each player will have their own ways of doing things. Below, guest blogger Matthew Quilliam explains how he approaches holding each size of ukulele, taking into account what he uses each scale length for.

  • The way you play your instrument has got just as much to do with the overall sound as the wood that it’s made of and the strings that it has. There are a lot of fundamental things that new players often miss when trying to find a good sound and today, guest blogger Matthew Quilliam shows us five subtle but effective ways to improve your overall tone when playing your ukulele.

  • Just as important as finding your perfect ukulele is finding the right set of ukulele strings to go along with it. Although all ukuleles come with strings already fitted, they may not necessarily be the best fit for your own personal playing style or preferences. It’s important to know what strings are available for you to consider. The subject of ukulele strings can become a never-ending rabbit hole, but guest blogger Matthew Quilliam shows that it doesn’t have to be so complicated.

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