• Our guestblogger, Menno leads a double life as DJ Supa-Dupa Rental and, over the last ten years, has racked up plenty of experience playing wedding parties that have ranged from the dramatic to the unbelievable. Back when he was still learning the ropes, wedding gigs would prove stressful undertakings but they were always well worth the hassle. In this blog, he passes his hard-earned tips and tricks on to the less experienced wedding DJ.

  • It’s often only after the sun starts sinking that your house or garden party starts getting truly atmospheric. From that moment on, you’re in control of the light. Guest blogger Menno is here to tell you about the do’s and don’ts of party lighting, spanning everything from simple birthday get-togethers to all-out dance and karaoke parties. Menno covers atmosphere, designated areas, LEDs versus light bulbs, and the use of effects.

  • Halloween is just around the corner! It’s that time of year again when we open up the old costume chest or pay a visit to the fancy dress shop to find the perfect outfit that’ll scare the pants off our followers on Instagram. If you’re planning on hosting a Halloween party this year, then you’ve got a fun challenge ahead of you in terms of lighting. Your party guests are expecting to be scared silly, which means you’ll need to transform your home into a convincingly creepy haunted house. I’m here to show you the light!

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