Got the Bax Music Guitar Handbook with your new guitar? Below, we’ve compiled a handy and complete list of all the links and videos included in the handbook!

Bax Music - Guitar Handbook - Links & Videos


» What Do I Need to Clean My Guitar?
» How To Set Up Your Electric Guitar
» Learning To Play Guitar Chords For Beginners
» How to String and Set Up a Floyd Rose Tremolo
» All Guitar Blogs


» Customer Service Bax Music


» Hygrometers
» Humidifiers
» Guitar stands
» Guitar wall mounts
» Guitar cases & bags
» Tuners
» Footstools
» Guitar straps
» Straps for classical guitar
» Strap locks
» Strap blocks
» Metronomes
» Plectrums
» Capos
» Songbooks
» Guitar books
» Guitar strings
» Western guitar strings
» Classical guitar strings
» Electric guitar strings
» String winders
» Bridgepin pullers


1. Tuning Up

2. Playing the E-Chord

3. Playing A, D and E Chords

4. Playing a Rhythm

5. Changing Acoustic Guitar Strings

6. Changing Classical Guitar Strings

7. Changing the Strings of an Electric Guitar with a Floating Bridge

» 8. Changing Strings on an Electric Guitar with a Fixed or Vintage-Style Bridge