With December quickly approaching, we’re all getting ready to head to the shops in droves to buy Christmas presents for one another. It’s not always easy to find the perfect gift, especially if you want to give someone a practical gift they can use for a hobby you know nothing about! If you need to find a Christmas gift for a drummer, then the tips in this blog are sure to help. We’ve compiled a list of ten affordable drum-related gift ideas, some of which cost less than ten pounds!

Christmas Gift Ideas for Drummers

Fazley DK01 drum key

Christmas Gift Ideas for Drummers

The key to finding a good gift for a drummer, especially if you’re on a tight budget, is quite literally with a drum key! This straightforward, useful DK01 drum key by Fazley is something no drummer can do without and is compatible with all drum brands.

Fazley CYM Brass 8S 8” Splash Cymbal

Kerst-cadeautjes voor drummers

For around twenty quid, you can give the worthy gift of this Fazley splash cymbal! Smaller than the average cymbal, you can do a lot of things with a splash: use it as a great accent effect, or lay it on the snare or floor tom to create a crunching, sample-like sound. A splash can also be stacked with other cymbals, or with another splash cymbal to build a small hi-hat. In short, a little splash is guaranteed to slap a grin on the face of any creative drummer or percussionist!

Fazley Stix Bamboo Rods

Christmas Gift Ideas for Drummers

Sometimes, sticks are just not subtle enough and sound too loud or too bright. Time to swap them out for the more discreet sound of a good set of rods. Rods are essentailly a bunch of thin wooden sticks bound together by a ring and grip. Playing an acoustic kit with rods immediately softens the sound, making them perfect for more laid-back acoustic gigs. While you’re likely to find a pair of rods in the kit bag of most drummers, it’s always worth having an extra set, just in case.

Alpine MusicSafe Pro hearing protection

We’ve all only got one set of ears, and because musicians and drummers in particular have to endure a lot of noise, they need to take extra good care of their hearing. Instead of stuffing their ears with toilet paper or unhygienic foam earplugs, good hearing protection with integrated filters is a much better option. These earplugs are more comfortable and more importantly, they filter out the harmful frequencies that can cause hearing damage. This Christmas, give the gift of being able to enjoy music for years to come with the Devine ORD01 hearing protection!

Fazley DSB-PRO Professional stick bag

Christmas Gift Ideas for Drummers

A drummer simply can’t play without drum sticks, and because one set of sticks is never enough, a rugged drumstick bag to hold them all is a must. Fazley’s DSB-PRO stick bag can hold several sets of sticks, brushes and rods, and even has a front pocket for accessories like clutches and drum keys. This good-quality bag is made out of a fancy checked fabric for a luxurious look and comes at a price that can’t be beaten!

SlapKlatz MINI

Kerst-cadeautjes voor drummers

Designed to hand drummers full control over hyper-resonant toms and snares, this pack of SlapKlatz MINI damper pads are made from a special adhesive gel so they can even stick to resonant drumheads. And, if they get clogged with dust, dirt and splinters, they can simply be given a good rinse under the tap.

Fazley 5A drumsticks

Sinterklaas-cadeautjes voor drummers

Even though you may not be a drummer yourself, it’s not hard to imagine how important a set of drumsticks is for someone who is. Sticks tend to wear out quickly and can even break while playing, so a new set is always greatly appreciated! The Fazley 5A drumsticks are excellent value for money and will surely make any Little Drummer Boy happy this Christmas!

Fazley PDP-KNEE Practise Pad

Kerst-cadeautjes voor drummers

Hone those rolls and paradiddles wherever you are with this pocket-sized practice pad. The 4-inch Fazley PDP-KNEE pad comes mounted on an adjustable strap that comfortably wraps around the thigh and is easily secured with a buckle.

Fazley Stix-Brushes

Kerst-cadeautjes voor drummers

You don’t always have to be loud. With this pair of Fazley Stix-Brushes, you can not just play at a lower volume level, but explore a whole new world of drum sounds. These metal brushes simply slot in and out of the handle so they can be neatly stashed away in your stick bag after rehearsals and gigs.

Fazley DS-002 Drumstick Holder

Kerst-cadeautjes voor drummers

Keep two fresh pairs of sticks within easy reach thanks to the neat and convenient Fazley DS-002 drumstick holder. Fitted with a multifunctional clip, this handy add-on can be secured to the hi-hat stand or wherever you need it most.

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