Ibanez A.I.R. Port

Ibanez is proving that having a guitar with just one soundhole might be a thing of the past. Sure, it’s nice that the assembled masses are able to enjoy every note you play, but it might also be just as nice if you were able to enjoy the beauty of your guitar skills in all their glory too. I mean, as a musician, actually being able to hear yourself is essential, right? “So, why not add a smartly designed little sound port to the shoulder of your acoustic guitar?” thought the boffins of Japan-based Ibanez. And the A.I.R.port was born.

The Side Sound Port

Acoustic guitar toting Ibanez fans might already be familiar with their ‘side sound port’, which is featured in the design of some of the nylon-stringed models included in the FRH Series, but also the design of the crazy-popular Tim Henson (polyphia) Signature model. With a few of their steel-string models, Ibanez went one step further by adding an all-improved sound port: the A.I.R.port. This next-gen sound port doesn’t just ensure that the natural acoustic sound of your guitar is extra clear and direct, but brings some elegance to the sound port game.

Give Your Guitar Sound Wings

The goal of this tech is to ensure that you, the player, is able to hear your playing better than ever before. Being able to hear yourself better will help you hone a tighter playing technique and simply make the whole playing experience more enjoyable, since you can actually enjoy the lush sparkle of your guitar as if you’re your own audience. Because the A.I.R.port is a secondary soundhole, in addition to the traditional central soundhole of the soundboard, it takes nothing away from the all important projection that your audience needs.

Ibanez A.I.R. Port

The A.I.R.port: Not Just a Soundhole

Ok, so it may not look all that special on first glance, but a mass of time and development has gone into designing the ultimate soundhole and placing it in just the right position. A.I.R. stands for Acoustic Information Response, and doesn’t just refer to the hole, but to everything that’s going on inside the body. Two custom designed and precisely placed pieces of wood ensure that the soundwaves resonating inside the body are accurately reflected and directed through the port, so you’re not just getting a sort of personal acoustic monitor, but a personal acoustic monitor that boasts honed tonality and quality of sound.

Ibanez A.I.R. Port

Which Ibanez Models Feature an A.I.R.port?

Many of Ibanez’ electro-acoustic models are good candidates for this sharp upgrade, so the A.I.R.port is already a feature of all of the newest Ibanez AE-guitars as well as some specially selected Ibanez AAM models from the Advanced Acoustic Series. All of these steel-string acoustic guitars also come with fresh and deluxe finish as well as honest pricing. Many of these models are already available at Bax Music, so any flat-pickers and finger-pickers will be sure to find the right A.I.R.port-equipped model for them.

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