This is Why the Boss Waza-Air is a Must-Have for Guitarists

What if there was a tool that allowed you to get lost in your own guitar-world? You know, that wonderful world where carefully perfected tone can be turned up to eleven without bothering anyone? Enter the BOSS Waza-Air wireless headphones.

Why the BOSS Waza-Air?

The old adage says practice makes perfect, and that’s exactly what it takes to become a great musician. Ancient wisdom aside, endlessly practising the same parts and finger-style exercises together with Mister Metronome is never very exciting or motivating. What also doesn’t help is that you can’t turn up your amp when you’re at home, unless you’re trying to stir up your housemates or neighbours. Then there’s playing through a pair of headphones, which was never really an option because it simply never sounded good – until now.

This is Why the Boss Waza-Air is a Must-Have for Guitarists

Revolutionary Guitar Sound

The BOSS Waza-Air personal guitar-amp-headphones are forward-thinking and feature built-in Katana amps as well as over 65 effects, while the wireless connection between the headphones and your guitar has an ultra-low latency and does away with tangled jack leads once and for all. The system is fully plug-and-play and comes with a user-friendly app where the settings are so easy to adjust, you no longer have an excuse not to practice.

More Than Just a Pair of Headphones

If you’re thinking you’ve seen it all before, think again! In the form of the Amp-In-Room, BOSS have loaded some unique functionality into the Waza-Airs. The Amp-in-Room feature simulates a custom scene, allowing you to pick where in the room the amp is set up – in other words: where the sound is coming from. This can be a setting where you’re in front of the speakers, or a situation in which your monitor is set up right in front of you. The resulting 3D sound not only streamlines practice, but makes it easier to imagine you’re going all out on stage. On top of that, it’s less fatiguing for your ears, so you can play for hours on end.

Surround, Static and Stage Mode

This is Why the Boss Waza-Air is a Must-Have for GuitaristsThe BOSS Waza-Air headphones can be dropped into Surround, Static or Stage mode. In Surround mode, sound will come at you from every direction, while the Static and Stage modes make use of a special built-in gyroscope to make sure the projection of the sound ‘changes’ any time you turn your head.

On the other hand, if you prefer a fixed projection, then you can find and activate the Gyro Lock within the companion app. This way, you can continue to play with the Amp-in-Room effect with the virtual amplifier in a fixed position. The position of the amp can be locked in by turning your head to determine the preferred position before activating the Gyro Lock.

Custom Settings for Custom Sound

Via the WAZA-AIR app, all of the settings of your amps (five in total) and effects parameters can be tweaked as needed. Here, blues musicians will want to opt for a crunchy or clean amp, combined with a boost pedal and a little reverb and delay. If you’re into metal or any other loud style, go for the Brown sound and polish it off with a chorus or octaver. Love classic rock? Make sure to select the Lead amp. The Waza-Airs effortlessly cover every style while your favourite settings can be saved to one of six built-in memory slots.

Join Your Favourite Band On Stage

Since the Waza-Air headphones feature Bluetooth®, loading in a backing track from your smartphone is easy. Activate the Stage Mode while you play along to your favourite tunes and it’ll be like you’re right up there with your heroes. Add the optional BOSS EV-1-WL wireless expression pedal and get the option to toggle a Wah effect or dial in the volume with your foot – or add a couple of footswitches like the BOSS FS-6 or FS-7 and toggle your favourite patches or effects with the smoothest possible ease.

Battery Life

As stated earlier, practice – and lots of it – is usually what makes most of us better guitarists. To turn daily practice into something to look forward to rather than skip, the BOSS Waza-Air not only offers a complete selection of guitar set-up options, but a maximum battery life of five hours – more than enough to get you through and enjoy every second of it!


This is Why the Boss Waza-Air is a Must-Have for Guitarists

Did Someone Say “Bass”?

Of course, there’s also a dedicated Waza-Air Bass model, which comes teeming with the sounds of fan-favourite Katana bass amps and Katana bass effects. Just like the guitar version, these bass-focussed headphones offer everything a bassist needs to take their skills to the next level.

Want to learn more? Visit the product pages listed below or feel free to contact our helpdesk or leave a comment below!

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