If you’ve always wanted to play a musical instrument but never got round to it, it’s not too late. Not only is it fun, but research shows that learning a musical instrument can have a positive influence on your brain no matter how old you are. Instruments like pianos and keyboards are a great choice for adult learners.

Learn to play piano or keyboard: also for adults

Why a piano or keyboard?

One of the best things about playing a piano or keyboard is that you can play entire songs all by yourself. Using both hands, you can play the low parts and the high parts at the same time. As a beginner, you’ll have to start off slowly and it’s usually a good idea to learn the parts for each hand separately before trying to play them together.

Advantages of learning as an adult

One advantage of learning when you’re older is that you probably already have a good idea of the type of songs you want to learn to play. If you’re a fan of pop music, for instance, you’re unlikely to want to practise classical pieces. No matter what style of music you prefer, however, if you want to progress, you’ll have to make time to practise. Hopefully, you’ll be disciplined and motivated enough to practise regularly which is something children often struggle with. Don’t forget though that playing is also meant to be fun!

Learn to play piano or keyboard: also for adults

Piano or keyboard?

These days, digital pianos offer a very similar playing experience to acoustic pianos so if you’re interested in learning to play the piano, you’ll need to decide which type of piano you want. You might also be wondering what the difference is between a digital piano and a keyboard. In general, keyboards tend to have a lot more sounds on board along with automatic accompaniments, but you don’t get such a realistic piano playing experience. The fact that you can plug a set of headphones into a digital piano or a keyboard and practise in silence at any time of the day is a really handy feature. Here at Bax Music, we have a large selection of both instruments available to suit almost any budget.

Getting started

There are plenty of ways to learn piano or keyboard, but taking lessons will help you to progress faster. If you don’t want to take private lessons, there are options online too. There are also plenty of piano books and keyboard books that can help you learn, while others focus on teaching you specific songs. With regular practise, you should be able to play plenty of numbers in no time.

Five years from now

How well will you be able to play the piano five years from now? That’s depends on many things including how often you practise and how talented you are. One thing is for sure though: if you never start, you’ll never know how good you could be. If you’ve been putting off learning to play a musical instrument, do yourself a favour and start now!

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