5 manieren om je netwerk uit te breiden tijdens ADE

Amsterdam Dance Event, known as ADE, is one of the busiest and most interesting weeks of the year for dance music industry professionals. People from all over the world gather in Amsterdam for one week to discuss the upcoming year and to make their upcoming plans. It’s a true spectacle and celebration of dance music, and one of the most important weeks of the year for our community. The conference is a lot of fun, but it’s also a very valuable way of growing your network. Guest blogger Mischa Sigtermans, CEO and founder of artist management software company Stagent, shares the dos and don’ts of networking at ADE.

#1. Join the delegates database

When attending ADE, you will have the option to join the database as a delegate. This will give you access to everyone else who joined the database, as well as give those people access to your information. Be warned – this method may be a bit too good at growing your network. You’ll be getting emails and calls all week long – but if you’re interested in growing in the dance music industry, this is a great starting place.

#2. Visit as many networking events as possible

There are networking events for any style of dance music you could dream of at ADE. Take some time to research the events you’re interested in and make sure you attend them with the intention of meeting people. You’ll have a full phonebook in no time!

#3. Be careful with parties

ADE is a fun place, but it’s definitely easy to get lost in the music, potentially making appointments the next day quite painful. Make sure you pick your battles – there are so many events happening around Amsterdam on ADE week that there’s simply no way to see everything. Don’t expect to meet many people at these shows – or at least expect them to remember you. The best way to handle ADE week? Attend a few shows with your network and make that network even stronger!

#4. Don’t focus on the conferences

While the conferences and presentations may be interesting, the real magic at ADE happens in the networking events. ADE can be a great place to learn about dance music and to get an idea what the industry is all about, but if you’re interested in growing your network, focus on networking events and let some of the panels and presentations be.

#5. Have fun

Don’t overthink it and just become part of the environment. The dance music community is truly a special place, and ultimately ADE is a celebration of the interesting mix of work and partying that this world is. At the end of the day, everyone is there to be part of something fun. Don’t take it too seriously and have a great time!

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Guest blogger Mischa Sigtermans (Stagent)
Mischa Sigtermans is a DJ, half of the hardstyle duo Break of Dawn and founder of Stagent. Back in 2013, Mischa was running a booking agency for local DJs when he realised that agencies and artists were unhappy with existing artist management software solutions, and that these desperately needed to be improved and reinvented. That’s when Stagent was born. With Stagent, agencies and artists can manage their bookings in a completely new and intuitive way.
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