In theory, it’s definitely possible, but in practice it can be a little bit cumbersome. The advantage of using a USB microphone is that you have a great all-in-one setup without needing to use an audio interface. But if you want to use more than one USB mic, things get pretty complicated for your computer. Also, hooking two USB microphones up to a computer kind’ve defeats the purpose of using a USB microphone. But, can it actually be done?

Plug Two USB Microphones to One Computer? Is That Possible?

What About an Audio Interface?

If you want to connect more than one microphone to your computer at the same time, it’s going to be far easier to use an external audio interface with two or more microphone inputs. Then, you can simply plug in a pair of normal microphones using XLR cables, giving you a setup which comes with a few extra perks:

  • Normal microphones are cheaper than USB microphones
  • Your computer won’t be so conflicted
  • You only need one USB port

You do the maths!

I Still Want to Use Two USB Microphones

Ok. In that case, we need to start by using two different USB microphones, preferably from two different manufacturers. If you try to use two of the same USB microphones, it can actually mess with your computer because it won’t necessarily be able to ‘see’ that two separate microphones have been plugged in. The next step is to install the microphones. Windows users can download a free copy of ASIO4ALL, and using this helpful programme, both microphones can be selected as an audio input within your recording software. Mac users can use the Audio Midi Setup programme that already comes with their system and create an ‘Aggregate device’. This way, you can plug in more than one USB microphone and they’ll be recognised as a single device when you select an audio input in your recording software.

In Short

USB microphones are fantastic bits of kit as long as you know that you’ll only ever need one microphone. If you want to use more than one microphone at the same time, then the whole process is going to be much faster, easier and cheaper if you use normal microphones and an audio interface.

Need Help Setting Up?

See our helpful blog: So, Can You Connect a Microphone to Your Computer

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