Everyone has their own habits, but not many realize these habits have have a huge impact on your career. Today, Guest Blogger Jeroen Hillebrand from Moon Jelly Agency will go over 5 key-habits to help boost your music career.

Improving your music career with 5 daily habits

Manage your time

Time management is very important for maintaining a successful music career. Everyone has the same amount of time in a day, but the thing is, you need to be capable of making the best use of this given time. Simply being efficient with your 24 hours a day is how you get the job done. From the moment you are awake, you need to know what you’ll have to do that day. Evaluate and criticize every single moment that your eyes are open. Many successful entrepreneurs in the entertainment business focus on scheduling out every single moment of their day. If you take your own success serious, you shouldn’t have a problem undergoing the following 3 tasks:

  • 1. Write out a list of all the things that have to be done that day (including sleeping, eating, etc.)
  • 2. Try to think ahead and set goals for yourself to achieve each hour.
  • 3. Keep following the schedule for at least 2 weeks, you will notice a huge increase in your productivity.

To maximize the amount of productivity within a day, getting out of bed early can be a great start. Many famous entrepreneurs within the music industry do this so that they can focus on their work whilst the world is still sleeping. After all, it’s a great method for escaping any form of distraction. If you struggle with rising early, begin with small steps. Simply set your alarm 30 minutes earlier than usual. Although it may not initially seem like much, that’s half an hour extra work time.

Plan ahead

It’s a good idea to set aspirational goals, but it’s totally pointless if you fail to achieve them due to poor planning. You have to ask yourself: “How will I get from Point A to Point B?”. For example, it could be that you want to finish a new song this week. Therefore, you could set aside certain hours every day to focus solely on that project. Once you have a good planning, your time management becomes a lot more efficient as you have a good idea of how much time you need to achieve certain goals. In order to improve your planning, track your own progress every day and you’ll be able to see exactly what went well and what could’ve been done better or faster.

Build relationships

If you struggle to discipline yourself, try to spend time with people who have more experience in the industry. That way you can see things from different perspectives which will certainly help you achieve your dreams much quicker. Taking the time to build meaningful relationships with people who inspire you will be paramount to the achievement of your goals.

Set goals

As mentioned earlier, daily goal setting is an essential habit you should be focusing on when looking to improve your music career. Well-known names within the industry such as Scooter Braun, No I.D. and Martin Garrix all have long-term goals of what they wish to achieve in their careers, and also daily goals they wish to achieve everyday. If you wish to headline Sziget in three years you should already build a portfolio of smaller festivals you play, establish relationships with the festival organizers, and work with other DJs regularly playing at the event. By setting-up daily goals, you’re able to move closer towards your long-term ambitions with every day that’s going by.

Never settle

So let’s say your time management is on point and you set your goals. Now it’s key to stay persistent. There will be many “no’s” during your journey to the top, but don’t let it dishearten you. You didn’t set goals for nothing, so stick to that scenario. Complacency is probably the biggest killer of all goals as people often think they’re “there” once they have the contacts, the money, or whatever. However, nothing is impossible to accomplish, so don’t settle for less.

What are your habits that improve your music career? Share them in the comments!

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Guest Blogger Jeroen Hillebrand (Moon Jelly Agency)
Ever since he was a kid, Jeroen has been a real hip hop head who likes to make beats in his spare time. To combine his passion for marketing and music, he decided to do an MBA specialized in the creative industry. Always following the latest developments in the music industry, he connected with the Moon Jelly team. It was only obvious Jeroen had to join Moon Jelly Agency, the international marketing agency for the music industry.
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