Gear of the Year 2022 - Musical Instruments

Having spent a year bombarded with news about the freshest music-making gear, how can any humble, hard-working musician possibly sort the wheat from the faff? Luckily, our specialists spend every day knee-deep in the newest gear, and have already done all the work for you. So stick the kettle on and get stuck into their Top 10 for 2022. To find out more information including tech specs, prices and availability, as well as clips and more, simply click on the handy links we’ve included.

Fender Player Plus Meteora Electric Guitar


“Back by popular demand, the Meteora has landed, punching an alien, offset-shaped hole in the side of the Fender Player Plus Series. This innovative, alder-bodied axe bears maximum comfort and playability and the elastic, adaptable sound of two newly-developed Fender Fireball humbuckers.”

Boss IR-200 Amp & IR Cabinet Pedal

“The Boss IR-200 stacks an IR impulse loader and an amplifier in one compact stompbox that can be customised from the ground up so it can neatly slot into every and any sonic situation. Eight guitar amplifiers, three bass guitar amplifiers, 154 onboard Impulse Responses, 3rd party IR support and 128 user slots are already supplied, and as if that wasn’t enough, Boss have piled on a stereo effects loop return to support stereo stompboxes, and a different IR can even be loaded up on the left and right.”


Gamechanger Audio Bigsby Polyphonic Pitch Shifter Pedal


“You might want to sit down, because Gamechanger Audio have managed to flip the proverbial script with this insane revolution of a pedal. This is the Bigsby polyphonic pitch shifter and it’s about to break your brain. Essentially a digital reinvention of the legendary Bigsby tremolo system, this style-packed unit is not not only easy to use, but cracks open a whole new sonic world.”

Cort GB-Modern 4 Electric Bass Guitar

“Wrapping ultra-modern, high-quality hardware up in timeless design, the Cort GB-Modern 4 bass impresses from every possible angle; comes decked out with top-grade electronics and hardware courtesy of giants of the bass universe, including Babicz and Nordstrand; and serves up the deluxe, liquid-like texture of a poplar burl top.”


KMA Audio Machines Wurm 2 Distortion Pedal


“If you’re a die-hard fan of that Swedish-flavoured contemporary-classic metal guitar sound that manages to punch mercilessly through the mix, then the KMA Audio Machine Wurm 2 stompbox might be your newest best mate. This next-gen, ‘refined’ edition simply grants deeper sonic control than comparable distortion pedals.”

Ibanez Tim Henson Signature Electro-Acoustic Classical Guitar

“When the music video for Polyphia’s ‘Playing God’ hit, it sent shock waves flying through the far reaches of the guitar galaxy. Now, the new Tim Henson Ibanez TOD10N signature electro-acoustic has been brought to the masses. This singular classical guitar features a Transparent Flat Black paint-job, pearloid binding, and a stunning fretboard inlay.”


Casio CT-S1000V keyboard


“One of the biggest surprises to land in 2022 was the Casio CT-S1000V keyboard. with this one, Casio have pretty much rewritten the book, since this keyboard doesn’t just come with a fresh look, but a built-in voice generator complete with word builder. Before this model, this was something you could only do with professional, studio-grade software. But here, it comes wrapped in a tight off-the-shelf keyboard?! That’s something pretty special.”

Roland TD-17KVX2 Electronic Drum Kit

“Stepping up from the much-adored TD-17KVX kit, the Roland TD-17KVX2 electronic drum kit introduces a new generation of drummers to an alternative to an acoustic kit, and provides a professional step-up for more experienced players. In the form of the Roland V2, this model boasts one of the most advanced drum modules of all time, alongside the ultra-real playability of extra-thin cymbal pads.”


Roland SPD-SX PRO Sampling Pad


“This year, Roland has treated us to upgraded editions of some of their most legendary hardware. For over a decade, the Roland SPD-SX has been a must-have for any professional and creative drummer, and now, in response to user feedback, Roland present the next level end-boss of the sampling-pad-verse with the SPD-SX PRO.Tweaked, enhanced and improved on all sides, the PRO raises the reliability, the sound quality, the level of creativity, and even the game of the included software to complete a highly impressive sampler.”

Evans EQ Pods Dampening Gels

“Why spend the money on a pack of dampening gels that, after a couple of months, are nothing but a sticky mass of grub, dust and dirt? With their innovative EQ Pods, Evans offer up a solution to an age-old dilemma. Available in various sizes, these dampening gels stay fresh for far longer while taming those overtones and keeping your drum sound tight and focussed.”

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