Interview with Kamijo: From Japan With Love

Kamijo is a prominent figure in the Japanese music scene. He is known for his captivating vocals, stage presence, and profound lyricism. He rose to fame as a key figure in the visual kei movement, a genre characterized by its visually striking aesthetics and blending various music styles. Bax Music recently interviewed the Japanese vocalist and producer ahead of his Europe Tour 2024 “The Anthem” in June.

Early Inspirations

When chatting about his upbringing and influences, Kamijo says: “The music my mother listened to had a direct influence on my music.” In particular Paul Mauriat, the French orchestra leader known for his orchestral pop music. Iconic visual kei bands like X Japan and Malice Mizer also had a huge impact on him with their powerful, diginified music. “It’s sad that few young artists are emerging,” he says with concern. “I have to make more of an impact and wake up more musicians.”

From History to Fantasy

Kamijo finds inspiration in the world of film and drama. “I often get inspired by stories from movies and dramas,” he says. “Films with cool soundtracks have great stories.” His love for storytelling is evident in the way he manages to blend romance, fantasy, and historical intrigue into his music. “The sound I am looking for is the same in every project,” he says. “It’s the music of Kamijo.” Whether with his band Versailles or solo, the music you’ll hear is unmistakably his own.

Kamijo’s love for the French Revolution shines through in his music and rococo style. “The French Revolution is the foundation of democracy,” he explains. In a surprising contrast, he also draws inspiration from vampires. “I believe that vampires, with their eternal life, are the ultimate form of human beings in search of ‘love’.” It’s this mix of history and fantasy which defines Kamijo’s unique style.

Positive Message

“I write the songs after creating the story,” Kamijo reveals with a smile. “It doesn’t always satisfy my need for expression on stage, but I can’t help it (laughs).” Kamijo wants to spread happiness and dignity, regardless of the language barrier. “I hope more people become grateful and delicate-minded, leading to world peace,” he says. Through his music, he aims to bring joy and love to his listeners, brightening their days and inspiring hope for the future.

Closing Remarks

As our interview draws to a close, we want to thank Kamijo for sharing his insight and passion with us. We also want to give a big thanks to Envol Prod for organizing the upcoming tour, giving fans the chance to experience Kamijo’s artistry firsthand.

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