We all know what today’s youngsters are like. If it’s not bloated with colour and employs touchscreen technology, their attention disintegrates quickly. The concentration threshold of myriad children means they turn off faster than the kitchen light. They flutter from one entertainment to another without embracing the necessary hardship to master a new skill set. How can such uniformity be consoled? Well, you could encourage them to write songs. Guest blogger Steven Brooks explores the benefits.

Five Reasons Why Kids Should Write Songs

#1. Wide-Eyed Songs Are High-Scorers

Songwriting encourages creativity. Once we have been funnelled through the machine of academia, social programming has absorbed much of our innocence. Young children are currently immune from this and experience the world in a different way. Whilst adults conform to social norms (most of the time), children don’t feel compelled to.

Naturally, any songs your kids write will be worthy of the most prestigious merit badges. Moreover, songs written by children will carry an intrinsic timelessness. Kids aren’t concerned with deadlines, audience reception or the Billboard Top 100. Once momentum has been established, they will produce innocuous material for the sheer joy of it.

And who says life experience is paramount in creating works of beauty? Johnny Cash’s “Hurt” may be an incredible song. However, it will never instigate tears in the eyes of parents like a masterpiece from their own offspring.

#2. Regular Songwriting – Checkpoints In Childhood

Songwriting instills discipline. Managing and controlling kids is an arduous task at the best of times. An afternoon spent engaged in miscellaneous energetic activities can result in kids being hyperactive in the evening. What better excuse to write songs? Not only is this an effective way of winding them down. They also have things to write songs about – their eventful afternoon.

Repeated exposure to songwriting will instill a code of discipline. If such an activity is a prominent object of their free time, traits such as focus and dedication will manifest. Luckily, there are no rules to dictate how long a song should be!

#3. Combo Of Parent And Child

Songwriting can bring people together. Most parents naturally bond with their kids over time. But if you’re finding this part difficult, writing songs together could be your power spike. Sharing this experience will provoke verbal communication between you. Frequent eye contact will manifest, as will a bounty of smiles.

Firstly, accumulate your weaponry. Brainstorm a handful of ideas for songs. Let your kids do most of the work here and commend their efforts. Select the best one and write a list of vocabulary related to your song topic. Instructing your child to write the chorus first will construct the framework for the song. For a youngster, writing verses from here will be easier.

Using YouTube would be an ideal means of sourcing a melody for this song. Plus, it would generate additional inspiration. Remember to keep the flow of communication prominent. Additionally, encourage critical thinking and edit songs where necessary.

#4. The Phrase “Game Over” Doesn’t Exist In Songwriting

Songwriting is an accomplishment. That’s right, this game is only just beginning. And while the apple of your eye may outgrow computer games, songwriting will only grow on them. Instigate this fun and creative discipline early enough and it could develop into a useful life skill. Granted, writer’s block is an inconsiderate beast that stalks the best of us. Albeit, kids are especially prone to coming up with new ideas.

Songwriting for children consistently presents them with the reward of accomplishment. When they complete a computer game, they’ll glean endorphins, a high score and the right to brag. Finishing a song will leave them with something tangible. Furthermore, kids will retain a product of their own imagination, something conceivably priceless.

#5. TV Screens Aren’t Necessary For Reflection

Songwriting instils critical thinking. Once your child has cultivated a habit of songwriting, it will be an unparallelled method of reflection. Any youngster who can contemplate life via artistic means will intrinsically be more intelligent. Their POV will be unmatchable. Writing songs is persistently granting the soul a cuddle. The pen is a window into the universe. When a child embraces this simple yet powerful tool, it enriches them with a portal for expression.

Many people grow up wishing their parents had taught them something specific. Being neglected of time is common, especially in parents with demanding professional lives. Money is another parameter of freedom. However, songwriting is free. What is stopping you from handing this wonderful gift to your child?

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Guest Blogger Steven Brooks (Banter Shack)
A keen lover of hip-hop and electronic music, Steven Brooks founded Banter Shack in 2021. He has written poetry since childhood and is an experienced copywriter. He worked as a DJ for several years and is now hard at work promoting upcoming and unsigned artists. In his free time, he practices the guitar and studies music theory.
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