Without a doubt, Twitch is one of the biggest and hottest social media platforms in the world right now. In case you missed it, Twitch is a live streaming video platform which is used by over 140 million people every month. In comparison to other platforms that provide a streaming function, like YouTube, Twitch is far more popular due to the great working member-system, the advanced options they provide for streaming and their payout system. Today, Guest blogger Jeroen Hillebrand from Moon Jelly Agency provides you with 6 tips to get started on Twitch as a music artist.

6 tips voor het gebruiken van twitch als artiest

Gamers and musicians

Especially among gamers Twitch is extremely popular and there are a lot of fans that directly pay their game heroes to see them play. Right now, the interest in Twitch in the music industry grows and big artists like Drake, Post Malone and Steve Aoki are already successfully using the platform. Fans can join the production process of artists live, watch set rehearsals, or participate in Q&As. If you use Twitch correctly, it can help you to boost your career. Find below my six tips to start with Twitch in the best way possible.

1. Tools

In order to start recording and streaming videos you need a webcam and a microphone. Although a lot of laptops have a built-in microphone, we do advise you to purchase a real microphone so you can increase the quality of your videos. If you are a vocalist, just use your vocal booth. Simple!

2. Categorize yourself

In general, as a musician it is recommended to categorize yourself as ‘creative’ so you can distance yourself from the gamers on Twitch. This makes it easier for people to find your channel, generating more views.

3. Create a list of fan interests

When setting up a Twitch account, EDM producers & DJs have to write down a list of topics that their fans would like to watch. For example, think about studio sessions in which you create a connection with the fans, live Q&As, set rehearsals, and live production tutorials. The latter could, for example, be a tutorial of how you come up with the melodies for you tracks. Streaming this type of content on Twitch enhances the connection with fans while also giving an idea of what happens behind the scenes. Besides all that, it allows you to reach people that are not able to attend your live shows.

4. Upload regularly

When starting on Twitch you should aim to upload regularly. This doesn’t need to be every day, but going live at least once a week will help you to create and sustain an engaged fanbase. Try to be consistent in uploading or streaming, so your fans know when they can expect a live broadcast by you.

5. Share links on social media

Twitch automatically ranks videos/streams from most to least watched at that particular moment, which can work against you as a new Twitch user. So, announce when you are doing a livestream on your other social media accounts, and make sure you provide your audience with working links. Be creative with this! For example, create an Instagram story in which users can swipe up to get to your video directly, or let your followers vote via a Facebook poll on what kind of content they would like to see at Twitch.

6. Be personal

Twitch is really effective when it comes to creating strong ties with fans. By being able to talk with producers or artists directly, fans feel like they have a personal relationship with them. Therefore, it is really important to mention names of users that for example ask questions in live Q&As. Because they will feel a strengthened relationship, there’s a higher chance of them donating to you – thus bringing in another revenue source.

Why do you think artists should (not) be present on Twitch? Let us know in the comments!

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Guest Blogger Jeroen Hillebrand (Moon Jelly Agency)
Ever since he was a kid, Jeroen has been a real hip hop head who likes to make beats in his spare time. To combine his passion for marketing and music, he decided to do an MBA specialized in the creative industry. Always following the latest developments in the music industry, he connected with the Moon Jelly team. It was only obvious Jeroen had to join Moon Jelly Agency, the international marketing agency for the music industry.
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