Gear of the Year 2023 - Studio & DJ

Always on call to anticipate your every need, the Bax Music specialists are our very own year-round treats. Today, they get to gush over the gear that they’ve fallen in love with in 2023, so get comfy and dream along with our experts as they let us in on their Gear of the Year 2023 rundown – the Studio, DJ & PA edition.

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Warm Audio WA-1B


“Even us mere mortals sitting in our home studios can now get our hands on one of the coolest compressors around. The Warm Audio WA-1B is based on one of the most renowned, Danish-designed opto-valve-compressors of all time. This stellar hardware was made famous by rap and R&B producers and works wonders on acoustic guitars and basses.”

Triad-Orbit Kick & Overhead System

“A full drum kit already eats up a lot of space and, when it comes to recording or live gigs, you’re adding another bunch of microphone stands on top. The Triad-Orbit Kick & Overhead System saves you a mass of space by combining three stands in one. Yep! This stand has three arms: two for the overheads and one for the kick.”

Pioneer DJ DDJ-FLX10


“This chunk of hardware has been designed for the serious hobbyist, mobile DJ and professional. In short, the Pioneer DDJ-FLX10 is a stunning, future-proof controller that piles on the highlights, from a stack of creative options and Stems integration, to the all-new Mix Point function and even lighting control via a DMX output. The DDJ-FLX10 is also fully compatible with both Serato DJ Pro and rekordbox.”

Bose S1 Pro+

“The step up from the original Bose S1 has been upgraded with some solid modern features, kitting it out for performing artists and musicians. The Bose S1 Pro+ interface has been both digitized and simplified, so you can even polish off the mix from your phone. By adding a set of Bose wireless transmitters, you can also couple up instruments and microphones cable-free – all courtesy of a lightweight yet powerful little portable speaker.”


Universal Audio OX Stomp


“When it comes to high-end audio equipment, Universal Audio are the undisputed pro studio and home studio pioneers, and the OX Stomp is no exception. This impressive little box is home to an extremely impressive speaker simulator that delivers consistent sound on stage and in the studio – it can even be neatly loaded onto a pedalboard.”

Sennheiser IE-200

“The Sennheiser IE 200 in-ears are not just an accessible solution for the more price-conscious, but deliver detailed Hi-Fi sound. These headphones will even meet the demands of professionals, whether they’re mixing, monitoring or analysing audio. Basically, every detail that lies in the music comes out of these in-ears, all thanks to a set of specially developed TrueResponse drivers.”


RØDE NT1 5th Gen


“When it first dropped twenty years ago, the first RØDE NT1 studio microphone started a revolution and, in my personal opinion, the NT1 5th Gen does it all over again. As well as an XLR connection, this microphone comes fitted with a USB port that supports 32-bit recording, eliminating the chance of distortion.”

Sennheiser Profile Base Set

“The Sennheiser Profile USB microphone simply hands you complete control over the sound whether you’re producing a podcast or in an online meeting. Connect this mic directly to your computer, smartphone or tablet, monitor everything in real-time and adjust the specifics via the fitted gain, volume and mute controls.”


Korg Keystage 61


“This model is simply a great example of what happens when two companies don’t just collaborate but really get constructive. On one side you have Korg – who needs no introduction, and on the other side, you have ASM: the people behind the Hydrasynth. With the KeyStage 61, the sonic technology of a Korg is matched up with the sublime keyboard of the Hydrasynth – complete with polyphonic aftertouch.”

Oberheim OB-X8

“The Oberheim OB-X8 Desktop Module is a tighter version of the OB-X8 keyboard that came before it. Since we’re dealing with a company that caters for the synth-elite, much like the legendary models they dropped throughout the ‘80s, you can expect the same vintage warmth that made them famous, alongside a welcome modern edge.”


Tasty gear! Where can I get it?

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What made your Gear of the Year list in 2023? Let us know in the comments below.

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