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Electricity is an essential part of studio and performance life, as most devices used for sound and recording, lighting and in the studio depend on it. We can divide power cables into two categories: those that work on 230 volts and the ones that need 380 volts. 230V is the most common power source for equipment that you'd typically use at home or on location. 400V (formerly 380V), also known as three-phase power, and is typically used for applications that require just that extra bit of power. Examples include light shows, large PA sets and very powerful effects. For these purposes you need special three-phase power cables and power distribution units.

In this category you will find anything related to plugs, for 230V as well as 380V, PowerCON plugs and chassis connectors. The category also includes power distribution units, such as power strips. The cables in this category can be used to hook up your gear, and you can choose between ready-made cables or power cables per metre/roll. Finally, we have power supply units for all kinds of devices and special power cables for light effects, for instance.

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