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USB, UTP & Data Cables

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USB, UTP & Data Cables information

Since the introduction of the computer, USB, UTP and data cables have become an important feature in the world of audio and lighting. An increasing amount of DJ gear and effects, like DJ mixers, digital DJ controllers or studio hardware and software, use these cables. All the more reason for us at Bax-shop to include these data cables in our product line. The category includes USB, Firewire, UTP and data cables, among others.

We also offer MIDI, SPDI, patch cables and data cables with an XLR-housing. If you want to compose your own cables, you can use our data cables per metre/roll, and even add a cable reel for practicality. Naturally you can also find the matching data chassis connectors and plugs, chassis connectors for optical cables (OpticalCon, for instance), code rings and cover lids. We even have adapter chassis connectors so you won't have to solder.

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