Elation Level Q7 RGBW LED-par

Elation Level Q7 RGBW LED-par Product no.: 9000-0007-9863 Warranty period: This product comes with a 3-year warranty.


Elation's Level Q7 is a powerful LED spotlight with seven Quad-Colour RGBW LEDs with a power of 15 watts each. As the RGBW spotlights also feature a white LED, you can create any colour with the Level Q7, even wonderful pastel colours! Control the LED par via DMX, but it can also run in a stand-alone or Master/Slave mode. The Elation Level Q7 is the perfect spotlight for light shows as well as decorative lighting.

Superior colours of the Level Q7

This unit doesn't just allow you to create any colour, it also prevents the occurrence of unwanted coloured shadows! Its clarity can be adjusted between 0 and 100 %. The fixture produces an impressive light output of 3,636 lux at 5 metres, and it has a 7° beam and 13° field angles.


  • powerful LED spotlight
  • lamp: 7x 15W Quad RGBW LEDs
  • estimated life span: 100,000 hours
  • beam angle: 7 - 13 degrees
  • superior colour blending
  • no coloured shadows
  • maximum light yield: 3,636 lux @ 5 m
  • flicker-free operation, therefore well suited for TV and film
  • flat, compact housing
  • cooling via convection, no more noisy fans
  • no coloured shadows
  • DMX inputs and outputs via 5-pin XLR
  • DMX mode: 4 (4 / 5 / 7 / 9 channels)
  • control panels with 4 buttons and LCD display
  • built-in automatic chase effects: 8
  • Gel Frame and Holder Kit included
  • power connectors (in and out): PowerCon
  • power supply: AC 100 - 240V, 50/60 Hz
  • operating temperature 10 °C to +45 °C
  • dimensions: 278.6 x 140.5 x 260 mm (W x D x H)
  • weight: 4 kg


  • pulse
  • colour mixing
  • rainbow effect
  • strobe: 1-18 flashes per second
  • dimming: 0 % - 100 % (+ blackout for all four colours)


Product features

Power adapter Europlug, Schucko or CEE 7/7 plug

Weight and dimensions including packaging

  • Weight (incl. packaging) 4.0 kg


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