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JB systems LED Plano spot light Product no.: W-21025 Warranty period: This product comes with a 3-year warranty.


By now the LED par has made its entrance in the world of lighting, but it is not very space-efficient. JB Systems has developed an ingenious solution to this problem with this ultra-flat projector. Why use an entire PAR can when there is no need? JB Systems have designed their own armature and it is safe to say they have succeeded! There is no doubt that this ultra-flat projector will conquer the world of professional lighting.

Imagine the possibilities: instead of one beam with four LED par 56 spots, you are now able to use three beams with four of these flat projectors. Small drive-in shows, bands and solo artists who have been experiencing transport and storage difficulties can breathe easy. Due to the introduction of this Plano spot light, their problems are at an end.

There are complete DMX beams available with four secured projectors. The trouble with these is that it is impossible to disconnect one of the projectors for separate use, as the projector will not have a power source and the DMX will miss an in and an out. Once again, the Plano spot light offers the solution, as it has its own power source with connectors that are efficiently integrated, not at the back but hidden in a sunken compartment of the projector. The Plano spot light has even more useful features, such as the IEC in and output. You cannot only daisy chain your DMX signal, but also your power! The Plano spot light features technology designed to withstand a considerable power load, so it is possible to daisy chain up to 50 projectors without any problems. The 6.3A fuse says it all, really.

Naturally, the Plano spot features a DMX in and output. By means of the 4-digit menu with its four buttons, several options, such as the starter channel, can be programmed. In master/slave mode, all projectors in the DMX circle can be addressed with just one push of a button. No more need to waste your time on programming each projector separately. Perfect!

A projector like this is nothing without the right light output. The Plano spot light combines special Hewlett Packard®/Agilent® LED technology with 212 high-power 5mm LEDs. The machine packs 70 red, 71 green and 71 blue LEDs, which ensure the right light output. With a beam angle of only 15 degrees they provide the real narrow spot effect, ideal for clubs or even matrix arrangements. The high-frequency dimming electronics provide smooth colour changes and prevent interference with, for instance, video cameras, which usually results in visible LED flickering on screen.

The possibilities that this projector offers are endless. The compact yet rugged construction, the efficiently placed connections, the 212 LEDs, the possibility to daisy chain power and the 15-degree beam angle will all add to your enjoyment of this LED projector. Whether you use it purely for clubbing purposes, as a floor projector for lighting a wall, or for highlighting a window display, this Plano spot light will brighten any job!  

Tips or comments about this product

- Please take notice, image 4 and 5 are different projectors, but feature similar effects.


Weight and dimensions including packaging

  • Weight (incl. packaging) 1.6 kg
  • Dimensions (incl. packaging) 31.5 x 14.5 x 28.5 cm

Product specifications

- ultra-compact RGB LED projector
- 212 high-powered LEDs (70 red, 71 green, 71 blue)
- superior quality due to Hewlett Packard®/Agilent® LED technology
- beam angle: 15 degrees (narrow spot)
- many possible applications due to compact construction, tactical connections and great light output
- fits on an ALU truss (by means of a standard clamp) or can be mounted on a rafter
- can be used as a floor projector with the help of a floor stand
- ultra-compact housing, ideal when there is limited storage and transport room
- takes up 2 or 3 times less space than a regular PAR armature
- smooth colour changes due to high-frequency dimming electronics
- various work modes:
- stand-alone: manual colour selection or automatic/music-synchronized colour changes
- master/slave mode: up to 16 units can be daisy chained for pre-programmed shows, CA-8 controller optional
- DMX-controlled: 4 channels (R, G, B + dimmer/strobe/sound chase)
- controlled by LEDCON-02 DJ controller
- DMX addressing:
- via the 4-digit menu
- in master/slave mode all projectors are addressed by one push of a button
- power supply can be daisy chained due to IEC connectors
- power: 230V/50Hz
- power draw: 28W
- fuse: 250V 6.3A slow blow (20mm glass fuse)
- in theory, 50 projectors can be daisy chained!
- sound-controlled mode possible due to built-in microphone
- DMX connectors: XLR 3-pin male & female
- weight: 1.6 kg


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