Magic FX Qlubshot confetti shooter

Magic FX Qlubshot confetti shooter Product no.: 9000-0025-9247


The Qlubshot by MagicFX is a great system for use in clubs, venues, or any other location where the party needs to get started with a bang. Instead of buying one-shot confetti cartridges every time, though, you can connect a confetti tube to the Qlubshot, fill it with confetti, and use the built-in air tank to blast it out. Position the confetti tube in the adjustable shot barrel, secure it, and load the tube with your favourite type of confetti. You can easily recharge the Qlubshot before use with a separately-available compressor.

Firing the Qlubshot

Seeing as you don't want the Qlubshot to accidentally go off unexpectedly, it's been equipped with the necessary safety precautions. Using a truss clamp, you can install it out of reach of your audience, for starters. You can also activate it using DMX, with an extra precautionary channel that unlocks the activation channel while bright LED warning lights flash on the device itself. Then, it's up to the operator to make sure the coast is clear before sliding the channel open on the light controller, releasing 8 Bars of air pressure and launching confetti or streamers 10-20 metres up into the air.

Qlubshot size and function

If the Qlubshot had a built-in compressor, it would take more time to load, not to mention the amount of noise it would make. That's why MagicFX offers a separate one. It doesn't come with confetti either, so you get to choose the kind you want. The Qlubshot has a PED-certified tank, an integrated air filter and a pressure gauge so you won't have to transport it under high pressure - unless you're under pressure to get the party started, that is! An NW5 connector with non-return valve ensures that high-pressure air is safely and quickly transferred into the built-in air tank. For DMX-controlling, hook the Qlubshot up via the 5-pin Neutrik XLD connectors, and provide power with Neutrik PowerCON True1.

Tips or comments about this product

Please note:

  • Use this product in combination with a suitable compressor, such as the Magic FX MFX0405 (available separately).
  • Confetti, streamers and shooters are not included.
Warranty period
This product comes with a 3-year warranty.

Product features

  • Weight (incl. packaging) 20.0 kg
  • Dimensions (incl. packaging) 45.0 x 40.0 x 25.0 cm
Power adapter Europlug, Schucko or CEE 7/7 plug

Product specifications

  • air-pressure confetti shooter
  • with built-in PED-certified air tank
  • air tank input via NW5 connector
  • air pressure capacity: 8 Bar
  • 8.5 Bar pressure gauge
  • built-in (air pressure) manometer
  • manually-operated air pressure gauge
  • load confetti tube with streamers or confetti
  • shoots confetti up to 10 metres
  • shoots streamers up to 20 metres
  • DMX-A / RDM operable via 2 channels (safety + activation)
  • DMX connector via 5-pin Neutrik XLR connectors
  • flashing LED warning lights located on device
  • multifunctional OLED configuration display
  • 20 micron air filter
  • mounting holes for truss clamps and couplers
  • robust metal housing with integrated handles
  • power consumption: 30 W
  • mains voltage: 100-250 V AC, 50/60 Hz
  • power connector: Neutrik PowerCON True1
  • dimensions: 377 x 350 x 216 mm
  • weight: 18 kg


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