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Haunted shop! Enter at your own risk...

On 31st October, it's time once again for the spookiest day of the year: Halloween! Traditionally, it marks the end of the harvest season in Celtic nations, but nowadays it's more commonly associated with trick-or-treating, fancy dress, pumpkin carving and ghost stories. If you're planning on hosting a Halloween party of your own this year, Bax Music has a selection of products to help you make it frighteningly good!

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Selected by Bax Music

Lighting Budget: Ayra Flash 150 Best Buy: Ayra Flash 160 led Deluxe: Eurolite Led Super Strobe
Smoke machines Budget: Beamz S500 Best Buy: Ayra WSM black 03 Deluxe: Antari Z1500
Ventilation fans Budget: Antari SF-100 Best Buy: Briteq BT-Hurricane Deluxe: Antari AF-5


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