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New Year’s Resolution

New year, new talent! One of the most popular New Year’s resolutions is learning to play an instrument. That is why we have special starter packs at Bax Music. These are sets that have been carefully composed by the Bax Music specialists and are spectacularly suitable for every music student. Components in these sets are suited for future expansions, so with the Bax starter package deals customers can enjoy their products for years! Which instrument will you choose this year?

Bax-shop | Bax starters - topsets met korting voor de startende DJ en muzikant!

From DJing to drumming

Do you or your child dream of a future as a famous musician or successful DJ? Then now is the time to make that dream a reality. There are Bax starter packages for DJs, for guitarists on electric or acoustic guitar, for bass guitarists, for beginning light and sound technicians, for keyboard players and novice drummers. The Bax starter sets are composed in collaboration with stage, sound and studio professionals to give the starting musician or DJ the necessary outlet to channel their creativity for years. With the Bax starter packs you’ll have a great beginning, and that is more than half of the work in music!











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