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Bax Music Company Profile

Bax Music

There was a time when a 226 000 ft² warehouse full of more than 46,000 music products was still a far-away dream for the oldest of the two Bax brothers.

That dream started to take form when he built his very first disco lamp, at only 10 years old. It was quite a challenge for the young boy, still only in primary school, but the result was a success resulting in a light effect with four blinking lamps in different colours. Could he have chosen to tinker with a vacuum cleaner for that fateful class project? Sure, but that wasn't what made him happy. Music was his passion, just like it still is today.

Six years later, the Bax brothers—five years apart in age—had thrown themselves into DJing. Anyone who attended a party where the Bax brothers were DJing will tell you that the night never really got started until they had set up their DJ show. They had spent so much time, money and effort acquiring all of the equipment for their shows, that they felt it would be a shame to let it gather dust when they weren't busy DJing. The more the merrier, they figured, and from then on anyone could rent DJ gear, PA speakers and lighting equipment from the Bax brothers. All at an affordable price, too.

The Internet

The Bax brothers rented out sound equipment for the first time in 1998. The business grew, and after some time they figured that if renting products out was fun, selling them would be even better. In 2004 they knocked on the door of their first supplier, but couldn't get their proverbial foot in. After all, it's not easy to find a supplier who will put their faith in two students who've never sold a speaker set in their lives. Still, the Bax brothers believed they could set themselves apart from the rest, and in 2005 they found their solution: the internet.

Back in 2005, the internet was already wildly popular, but online shopping hadn't quite taken hold yet. Their plans to sell thousands of pounds worth of DJ, PA and lighting equipment online were met with laughter. Luckily they understood what their potential customers were looking for; one smart supplier understood that too and agreed to go into business with them. After that, the duo set to work putting a webshop online and renting a 500 ft² storage space. In no time at all, they were shipping products far and wide, and Bax Music was born.

The Music Store

Five years later, Bax Music had 80 employees, and the web store was already on many DJs' radars. Adding guitars, bass guitars, drums, keyboards and digital pianos to the menu was the logical next step. This time, the question was whether adding another new music store to the market would reap any rewards. That was the suppliers' question, in any case, and they weren't yet convinced that it would. Bax Music was, however, and they set out to show everyone what their love of music could accomplish. That translated into creating a website that was a true musical paradise for musicians, DJs, and producers. Customers wouldn't have to leave the comfort of their own home to get what they needed, which would make long car rides and heavy lifting a thing of the past. That being said, the brothers found the tactile musical experience just as important as the convenience of shopping from home, so the originally Dutch company opened various physical stores in the Benelux. More and more music brands, small and large, were eager for a piece of the pie.  More and more music brands, small and large, were looking for a piece of the internet pie.

After all of that success, Bax Music still wasn't coming up short on ambition. The Bax Music team is only satisfied when all of their customers are 100% satisfied. For a long time, Bax Music turned to outside experts in order to deliver the kind of customer satisfaction they were striving for. Unfortunately, the results were often sub-par. A mobile website and a company film were created by external parties, for instance, but failed to live up to Bax Music's high standards. Those were disappointing investments, but luckily there was a perfect solution: Bax Music would have its own photo and video studio, develop its own software, and build up its own translation department. Bax Music would do things the Bax Music way.


Bax Music has a large online presence, and because we always look at our site with a critical eye, we're constantly improving it to better suit the needs and desires of our customers. As musicians, we know that checking out gear at a physical store is an experience in and of itself, but we also know that not everyone wants to do that for every little thing they need. That's why it's important to us to be able to provide you with the best possible online store experience possible. That means we provide extensive product information, high-resolution photos, 360-degree views, and advice from our product specialists, so you can always find the perfect product. And since we've been online from the beginning, we're well versed in all the dos and don'ts of online stores.


With a renewed sense of self-confidence, Bax Music continued to grow and expand. Today, we're stronger than ever and we're happy to be able to offer a fully-loaded service package. Some examples of the kind of services Bax Music is proud to offer include a 60-day money-back guarantee, a 3-year Bax warranty, free returns, and if you order before 10 PM you'll receive your shipment within 2 business days.

With over 400 employees and more than 600 brands, countless musicians, DJs, and producers choose to order their gear from Bax Music. We could have sold vacuum cleaners, but that wouldn't have made us happy. Music is our passion.

Customer Care

We are always happy to communicate directly with our customers. Whether it's via telephone, e-mail, or social media, we make it a point to listen attentively to their specific needs and wishes. Our customers inspire us to keep improving and expanding our services, and thanks to the open lines of communication, we know exactly what our customers want so we can deliver it.

Every year we ship more than 1,000,000 packages, and we do it fast. That means that orders placed before 10 PM are delivered within 48 hours. It's important to know, however, that our services don't end when the package is delivered. We offer a 60-day money-back guarantee so you have plenty of time to try out your product and make sure it's exactly what you were looking for. If that turns out not to be the case, you can send it back to us at no additional charge. We know our customers value these kinds of extras because they've let us know through positive reviews on consumer review sites such as Trustpilot. Thanks to customer feedback, we continue to improve our services so we can make your shopping experience and your life even easier.


We know that actions speak louder than words, and with 325 specialists, we're at the ready to assist you day and night. Teams of customer service representatives, translators, salespeople, programmers, designers and warehouse workers are all vital in providing the ultimate Bax Music experience that our customers are so enthusiastic about.

From the office to the warehouse, everyone at Bax Music has a hand in creating the unique Bax Music experience!

Averaging 28 years in age, Bax Music employees are a young, fresh, innovative and goal-oriented group of specialists invested in the future of music. As such, our customers can count on relevant, personalised advice. We're not going to send a café owner who wants to give his business' image a boost a few holiday decorations and a lava lamp. Likewise, we're not going to talk a student who wants a decent set of headphones into buying a fully-fledged monitor set.

There's a good chance that you'll find all the information you need right on our product pages, which are filled with relevant information that attracts a million viewers every month. If, however, you should have any product questions or if you'd like some personalised advice, it's the goal of our customer service department to respond quickly and adequately to any and all questions.

Bax @ Social Media

We make sure it's easy for our customers to find us, and in the age of social media, that means that we're active on Facebook and Twitter. Not only is it fun for us to read positive responses and see pictures of our customers with their new products, but we also like to be able to help you with technical questions and questions about orders via whichever channel is most convenient for you. Of course, we also offer plenty of giveaways and discounts on all of our different social media channels.


Bax Music has a warehouse with more than 46,000 different products eagerly waiting to be sold. It is important to us to work with our own stock as much as possible so that we can offer our customers fast delivery times. Our warehouse has space for everything from the biggest speakers down to the tiniest nuts and bolts, all of which are quickly and accurately located and packaged by dedicated Bax Music employees. We also have a unique sorting machine that helps us speed up the process. All of this comes together to create an environment where we can work with incredible efficiency to ensure that every last order can go with the carriers on time.

Product Range

We are extremely critical when it comes to our product range, and you'll see our specialisation in guitars, drums, studio gear, DJ gear, pro audio & lighting, keyboards, synths, audio-visual equipment and wind instruments reflected in our expansive assortment. It is important to us that we keep our product range up to date, and that we can deliver as many products from our own stock as possible. As such, our warehouse is home to more than 46,000 different products, and that number grows daily so that we can be the first to offer you all of the best new products. Thanks to good relationships with our suppliers, we are often the first to get new products.

Music Fairs

Because we want to offer you the latest news on the newest music gear, we go out in search of products, and we take our film crew with us. You'll find us all over the world, from the NAMM show in Anaheim, California, to the Musikmesse in Frankfurt, Germany. Not only will you get the latest news, but you'll notice that our web store gets hundreds of new products in a few days time during these kinds of events. Of course, we also provide plenty of film clips to go with all the new products, so you can experience the fair with us! The only thing left to do is start saving because whether you're a DJ, producer or musician, that itch to get some new gear doesn't stay away for long.

Bax Music visits the NAMM Show in Anaheim and the Musikmesse / Pro Light & Sound in Frankfurt every year. 


You need to do more than attend fairs, however, if you want to offer a complete assortment. As such, we're constantly helping new brands find their way to the magenta coloured web store. It's not just about popular products, either, but also exclusive models, such as limited edition DJ sets by Pioneer, exclusive Fender Factory Special Run guitars, and even a 24-carat gold Moog synthesizer.

We offer advice about our products in many different forms, from extensive product pages with information about everything from functionality to suitable accessories, to personalised advice from our friendly customer service specialists. It's our pleasure to work together with you to find the perfect solution for your needs, desires, and budget.

Here's an overview of our brands

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Delivery and shipping

For most people, once they've made the decision to order a product they've been eyeing, they're going to want it right away.

At Bax Music, we understand that, and that's why we do everything in our power to deliver your order as quickly as possible. Products that are ordered before 10 PM on a business day will be delivered within two business days. We don't want to bog you down with tons of shipping costs either, which is why we offer free shipping on orders over £50, and shipping for orders less than £50 costs only £4.95.

Not only do we offer fast shipping, but it's also secure. Most of our products are packaged in our own Bax boxes, which are filled in with air cushions to provide your new product with optimal protection. Our packing materials also keep delicate products, such as guitars, storage media, and lamps, well protected during transport. After all, there's nothing more irritating than waiting for a product, only for it to arrive damaged!

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Warranty & trial period

Here at Bax Music we have our own After Sales department, as well as an internal technical service for making small repairs. We understand like no other that it is no fun to have to send back a defective product, so we want to do everything we can to make the process as smooth as possible. You can send your product back to us for free, and if your product proves to be defective within the first 30 days, we'll send you a new replacement. We also offer a 3-year Bax warranty on all of our products (except consumables or products that only have a warranty for manufacturing defects). In addition to all of that, we offer a 60-day trial period so that you have time to try out your product and make sure it's exactly what you were looking for.

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