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Fender Play

Fender Play is an online learning program that quickly teaches new guitarists how to play the guitar or even the bass or ukulele. There are literally hundreds of instruction videos and practical exercises!  After just a few short lessons, you'll not only have a new skill, you'll be able to play recognisable riffs or even a complete song.

How does Fender Play work?

First of all, new players will receive questions about their preferred instrument and style. Based on your answers, Fender Play will map out a personalised lesson plan just for you. You'll learn the basics of guitar or ukulele step by step, and master the techniques associated with your favourite style of music. Still not sure if Fender Play is for you? Before you decide, sign up for a free 30-day trial on the Fender website by clicking on the link below!

The advantages of Fender Play 

* Lessons with step-by-step explanations
* Choose between guitar and ukulele
* Keep track of your progress online
* Personalised lesson plan
* Professional instructors
* Learn to play when and where you want!

Please note: all lessons are given in English.



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