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Get 10% Off Ayra & Devine Gear

From the 10th of June, you can get 10% off Ayra and Devine gear. To save yourself a nice little bit of cash, simply add the discount code 'LS0620' to your basket. This offer ends on the 24th of June, 2020.


Devine gear ranges from active speakers to passive subwoofers but the brand also serves up complete speaker systems and, of course, microphones and headphones. All of these bits of kit come at hard-to-resist prices and a level of quality that won't leave you wanting more!


Ayra offer a collection of (semi)-professional lighting gear, all of which comes at an alluring value for money. Their range of party-ready products includes various (LED) moving heads, scanners, (LED) light effects, complete lighting kits, LED pars, smoke machines, lasers and more. Ayra's equipment not only provides fledgling light technicians with an easy way to create dazzling light shows, but gives more experienced professionals the ability to set all of their inner creativity free using the potent functions and features thus gear is packed with. As such, it's no wonder we keep running into Ayra gear in clubs, bars, restaurants and at various festivals!

Promotional Terms & Conditions

  • This discount is only valid on products by Devine and Ayra.
  • This discount is only valid from the 10th of June up to and including the 24th of June, 2020.
  • This discount cannot be applied to combination deals/bundles.
  • The discount cannot be applied to products already purchased.
  • Bax Music reserves the right to end or alter the Terms & Conditions of this promotion at any time.
  • Bax Music does not accept liability for typographical errors.

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