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Make Music at Home

Stay home, start playing! | Bax Music

At Bax Music, we think making music together is the best thing ever. But sometimes, your drummer, co-writer or jamming buddy is just too busy, or lives too far away, or your music teacher is sick or you don't actually have the cash to take any music lessons. What then? Well, whether you're a beginner or a pro, you can still get productive by making some music at home. To inspire you into action, we've put a little selection box together and filled it with gear and blogs that perfectly suit some home-based music making. We wish you masses of fun and even more success!

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Everything for beginners | Bax Music

Are you, or is your child, dreaming of a career as a world-famous musician or DJ? Now is your chance to start living that dream! Bax Music offers several Bax starter sets for DJs, guitarists (both electric and acoustic), bass guitarists, keyboardists, and beginner drummers. The Bax starter sets have been selected in collaboration with stage, sound, and studio professionals to give the starting musician or DJ exactly what they need to keep those creative juices flowing for the coming years. Buying a Bax Music starter set is just the beginning!

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Blogs | Bax Music

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