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Temporary 5% discount* at Bax Music

Bax Music has everything musicians want: from guitars, drums and keyboards to studio equipment, DJ gear and sound systems. Now, Bax Music is giving PayPal customers a discount of 5% off almost every product* until 31st December 2018! Simply use discount code PAYPAL0618 during checkout.

 Where do I fill in the discount code?


*Terms & Conditions

  • This promotion cannot be used in conjunction with other promotions.
  • Excluded from this promotion:
    • Products by Apple
    • Bax Music gift cards
  • The discount cannot be applied to products already purchased.
  • Bax Music reserves the right to alter the terms of the promotion at any time, or end it early.
  • Bax Music does not accept responsibility for typographical errors.
  • In addition, all specific conditions as stated in the relevant promotion apply.


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