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Write a Review and Win!

The Bax Music team not only loves to hear your thoughts but actually appreciates them! By simply writing a shop review, you get the chance to win a generous £1,000 worth of store credit. And, if you write a product review, we give you the chance to win yet another £1,000 in store credit! Read on to find out how it all works. 

And the winners are... (April 2020)

Steven from Northampton has won £1,000 worth of Bax Music store credit with the following shop-review posted on Trustpilot:

"Fender Player Series Strat - After looking at these guitars extensively for a few months I decided to make a purchase. The price from Bax was significantly less than all other well-known retailers even including shipping. The service I received was absoultely amazing, delivery was fast, product was well packaged and the tracking info was helpful. The guitar arrived in perfect condition and It's great. Well done Bax, I'll definitely be back for more!"

Chris from Canvey Island has won £1,000 worth of Bax Music store credit with the following product review about the Boss MD-200 Modulation effects pedal:

"I have had various modulation pedals on my boards over the years but this one covers all the sounds you could ever want. The sound quality is awesome and the pedal is very intuitive to use. It’s also very compact for what it does so doesn’t take up masses of space on your pedal board. Awesome pedal!"

Win 2 x £1,000 with your reviews!

By scribbling down and sharing your thoughts, you’ll not only be helping us out, but you’ll be helping other customers to make a better-informed choice. On top of this, you’ll be in with a chance to win one of two helpings of £1,000 in store credit. Every three months, we’ll select and announce the lucky winners! Read more to find out how to leave your review!

Win £1,000 with your Bax Music shop-review!

A review of Bax Music* (of our service, support or webshop, for example) can be posted on: 

Trustpilot - Bax Music
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Facebook - Bax Music
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* Please note: Your review should be about Bax Music itself and not the product that was purchased from Bax Music.

Win £1,000 with your product review!

Review your new product** for the chance to win £1,000 worth of store credit! To do this, just follow the steps below:

  • Go to our website and find the product page of the product you’ve purchased. 
  • Go to the tab marked ‘Reviews’.
  • Click on ‘Leave a Review’

** Please note: 

  • Your review should be about your product and not about Bax Music.
  • Make sure that your review follows these review guidelines:

Product Review Guidelines

When reviewing one of our products, we kindly ask that you bear the following guidelines in mind. Please note that reviews that don’t follow these guidelines may not be posted on the Bax Music website.

  • Your review should focus on the product itself and where possible include any plus or minus points.
  • Your review should be clear and concise with use of correct punctuation and at least 10 words long.
  • Your review should not contain any offensive language, personal information or any reference to prices or competitors.
  • Your review should not be contain any questions. If you have a question about a product, please contact our Customer Service team by sending an email to customer-service@bax-shop.co.uk or by using our online form.
  • Your review should pertain to the product only. For experiences regarding Bax Music and the online shop, delivery, or service, we refer you to the 'Win £1,000 with your Bax Music shop-review!' section above.
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