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The RDP9K Smart Reader will allow you to easily transfer files from an SD card, MicroSD card or USB stick to your Android smartphone or tablet. It's connected via a micro USB cable.
Available in 6 business days.
6 business days
The Mobile Mate Duo allows you to easily transfer files from your micro SD card via a USB 2.0 connector. A micro SD adapter is included, so that the micro SD card can also be used in a regular SD card slot.
Delivered in 4 weeks.
4 weeks
Transcend's Smart Reader RDA2 allows you to quickly and easily copy data to your favourite iOS device. Simply plug in the RDA2's Lightning connector and insert your memory card.
In stock
In stock
Delivered in 5 weeks.
5 weeks
This card reader is made to transfer large amounts of data quickly from your SD card to your computer. USB 3.0 technology allows for speeds of up to 500 MB/s! As the unit's compact, it's easy to transport.
Delivered in 5 weeks.
5 weeks
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