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While it originates from the Celtic end of year celebrations, Halloween now looks nothing like a new years party. Every year, on the 31st of October revellers the world over gather, whether it's to honour Hallow's eve, or just to have a good excuse to dress up like a blood-drenched zombie or their favourite superhero. If you're throwing a Halloween party this year, Bax Music have got you covered - in cobwebs! We've got everything from spooky Halloween decorations, freaky inflatables, and other creepy bits and pieces, as well as essential extras like smoke machines, strobe lights and accessories. Also, while it might not necessarily be Halloween themed, we also have a massive range of lighting & decorations.

Since we live in the time of a global pandemic, Halloween is probably going to look very different this year. Luckily, there are still plenty of ways you can get your ghoul on and make the best of it. Maybe you can organise a spooky night for the kids by turning your house into a haunted mansion (don't make it too scary!) and treat them to some disgustingly gruesome treats and a creepy film. You could even strike a little terror into the hearts of your neighbours by giving the front of your house a supernatural makeover and challenge them to do the same. Naturally, the possibilities are (almost) endless. In any case, make sure to pay attention to any covid-related distancing rules and have yourself frightfully eerie and above all, safe Halloween bash!

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