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A good atmosphere and a good mirrorball go hand in hand. In fact, a mirrorball is a must-have for every disco. This mirrorball motor is suited for mirrorballs with a maximum diameter of 30 cm.

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In stock
With the Showtec motor, your 30 cm disco ball can make three rotations per minute. Place it on top, plug the motor in, and dance the night away!
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Delivery within approx. 6 workdays.
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Approx. 6 business days

A mirror ball is indispensable in any disco! A mirror ball with a diameter of 50 cm can be suspended from this mirror ball motor. It makes two rotations per minute.

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Order now and receive delivery within approx. 3 weeks.
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Approx. 3 weeks
Showtec mirror ball with a 20cm diameter. The mirror ball is delivered without a motor.
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Delivery within approx. 10 workdays.
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Approx. 10 business days