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If you want to become a DJ, Bax Music is a great place to shop for the essentials. From basic DJ sets for beginners to complete DJ set-ups for professional DJs, we have it all, including any required accessories such as DJ cases, DJ bags and DJ stands.

From Standalone Controllers to Complete Turntable Sets

Making your DJ dream come true starts right here at Bax Music. No matter what kind of DJ setup you have in mind, we have the right gear to make it a reality. Whether you want to build up your set gradually with a DJ controller, or get everything at once with an all-in-one player or custom set with a mixer and a pair of tabletops on either side, we've got you covered. Not sure what you want or need? We'll help you decide with our range of complete sets.

Must-Have Equipment for Beginners

As a DJ, the right equipment is essential so you can set the right cues to mix your tracks and loops seamlessly. No DJ can do without are a sturdy set of headphones and a good pair of speakers. A booth is perhaps just as important, as it offers space for all your gear, and it completes a tight look at clubs and festivals. With a complete set, the gigs will start rolling in before you know it. As a cheaper alternative, you could of course also grab a DJ controller plus a pair of headphones to kick-start your new passion.

Why Are DJ Headphones and DJ Speakers So Important?

While they're mixing, DJs take care of the transition between tracks, matching the speed and the pitch of the next track with the current track. Now if you're doing this live and the audience can hear you struggling to cue the next track because you can't find the perfect starting position, it can look a little clumsy or even unprofessional. For that reason, you'll want to use a pair of DJ headphones so you can pre-listen to the cued track in private and prepare a seamless transition.

Ample Choice for Pros

More advanced DJs will usually opt to buy all of the separate pieces needed to complete a full DJ set, which can be built with something like two media players, two DJ turntables and a DJ mixer. Add a fistful of external samples and effects and you've got a seriously impressive, well-decked-out DJ booth. A lot of DJs also like to create their own beats, so be sure to have a look at our music production software and maybe set yourself up with a small MIDI keyboard or MIDI controller for beat-production.

Important Accessories

But, that's not all! Bax Music is the ultimate DJ shop where you can get all the DJ gear imaginable, like external effects and samplers to give your tracks an extra dimension. We also offer software expansions as well as everything you need to switch from analogue to digital, or vice versa! We also carry a large assortment of DJ accessories like cases, bags, dust covers and stands. You want it? We've got it. For more fun gear, see our range of Lighting & Decoration Gear or, if you're a producer, our range of Studio & Recording Gear.

Repairing DJ Gear

Sadly, even DJ gear can develop defects. You could lose a button, damage a dust cover, spill a drink or crack a display...there's simply a lot of things that can go wrong. If your DJ controller or any other bit of DJ kit needs to be repaired, then you can find a local repair shop or you can try to fix it yourself using the spare parts found in our range of DJ Gear Replacement Parts. You can filter the parts to match your specific model.

Frequently Asked Questions About DJ Gear

What's the best DJ gear?

Beginners are best off starting out with a DJ controller, DJ headphones and a set of DJ monitors. More experienced DJs will want to combine a DJ mixer with tabletop media players and DJ turntables.

Where can I hire DJ gear?

Need a complete DJ set for a few months? You can hire professional DJ gear right here at Bax Music!

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